To be known by God and to know Him is our pursuit and one of our greatest callings! If we get this right, we will set ourselves up for longevity and authenticity in the prophetic. If the prophetic flows from love and is birthed out of a place of intimacy, then this will be a stabilizing force in our lives

If we look at the life of Moses, Abraham and many more, we will see how their relationship produced intimate friendship with God. Out of that place of connection they heard His voice. There is life in His voice. Everything changes when we hear Him speak to our inner most being. If there was that intimate connection going on under the Old Covenant, how much more under the New Covenant?

The apostle John was known for being close to Jesus and leaning on Jesus’ bosom. And guess who wrote about the disciple whom Jesus loved? It was John. This revelation simply came from John spending quality time with the One he loved.

God said he doesn’t do anything unless He reveals His secrets to His friends the prophets! (Amos 3:7) How cool is that. Friendships are born out of trust and intimacy. If we pursue intimacy and relationship more than hearing prophetically, then hearing will always be a well of life

Here are a few points that have helped me to grow in this pursuit:

  • Trust. Knowing that Father God is good has done more to build my trust, and become close to Him.
  • Know that you are His son or daughter. When you know that this is about family, our perspective changes and we open our hearts with the King of Kings.
  • Know that He is pursuing you more than you are Him. This has been a great encouragement to me. If we would only know how much we are loved and accepted, we would run to Him and not withdraw.
  • Find a quiet place to still your heart and listen for His gentle voice. For me this usually looks like going on a walk in nature.
  • Walk in peace. Nothing shatters intimacy and hearing His voice more quickly than when our hearts become void of peace. I have not arrived and am still in process, but I am becoming more aware when peace leaves. Then is the time to stop and listen to your heart and regain peace.
  • Read Song of Solomon! You will be challenged to pursue and grow in intimacy as you absorb those scriptures.

Keep it fun! We tend to get too serious with our pursuit sometimes.

By Paul Mast