Let me tell you a secret that has changed my life. No, this isn’t some gimmick. My secret can change your life too. The tool that has helped me progress the most in the prophetic and in life in general is journaling with God. By that I mean sitting down and writing out questions one at a time and listening for His responses.

Here are Five Reasons Why Journaling with God is The Way to Go!

  1. Journaling boosts confidence and clarity in hearing His voice. Prior to journaling, I frequently found myself second guessing my choices. That’s one of the reasons I believed he encouraged me to journal with Him with the instruction not to question anything I was hearing. Simply write. Of course, there is the potential for human error and emotions to enter into the process of journaling. That’s why I frequently talk about the content of my journals with mature believers who can confirm or challenge, as appropriate. As a result, I can tell I’m on track most of the time (John 10:27). The good news is, God loves to talk with His friends (Ps. 25:14, Amos 3:7).
  2. Journaling increases awareness of the tone of His voice and subtleties. Before journaling I not only questioned myself regularly, I questioned His voice and nature as well. Romans 2:4 says it’s God’s kindness that changes the way we think. I used to think God was mad or disappointed in me more often than not. Journaling has cured me of that problem by revealing to me what He really thinks about me. It’s also made me more attentive to his tone of voice. Yes, He is always loving, but like a parent, He does get disappointed sometimes. Other times He simply wants you to lean in closer, so He speaks more softly.
  3. Journaling reinforces the practical nature of God. Does God really care about that? You might wonder. I can assure you from experience that He does. I’ve heard Him speak to me about what to wear, sudden rainstorms, buying concert tickets and vacation destinations during my journal times. What do you want to ask Him?
  4. Journaling stirs expectancy. Based on my journaling history and confirmation from mature believers, when I sit down to journal with God, I’m almost always filled with expectation. I’m firmly convinced now that He is good and wants to speak to me. I imagine it’s similar to the dialog He originally enjoyed with Adam and Eve. Due to the fact that journaling is line by line and involves waiting to hear His voice, I’m often not quite sure where our conversation will take us. It seldom goes the way I originally thought, but it’s oh, so satisfying.
  5. Journaling helps focus. I don’t know about you, but when I’m in prayer or soaking, I can get so distracted. Simply put, journaling keeps me focused.

Have you journaled with God? Tell us about your experiences!

By Sam Miller