Remember the song ‘Dream Weaver’ from the 70s? My mum used to play it all the time. I love the first verse: “I’ve just closed my eyes again, climbed aboard the dream weaver train. Driver take my worries of today and leave tomorrow behind.”

As a prophetic person I’m always on the dream weaver train! I have been a prolific dreamer ever since I can remember! Even as a child I began to realise that often God was speaking to me in my dreams. No one really told me and I didn’t really share that info with anyone, but I knew it was one of the ways that He spoke to me. Genesis 28 tells the story of Jacob resting his head upon a rock and God speaking to him in a dream. Verse 16 says, “Then Jacob awoke from his sleep and said, ‘Surely the Lord is in this place, and I did not know it.’” Often God will speak to us through our dreams and we may not even realise it!

My most favourite dream was when I was 16. I was not yet really walking with God, but ho knows that God speaks to His kids before His kids are actually speaking to Him?! I dreamt of a boy with dark hair and brown eyes. He came from my hometown, 12 hours south from where I was living at the time, and his name was Steve. I fell madly in love with him . . . and then I woke up!

The dream was so vivid; I have never forgotten it! Fast forward to 3 years later. I had graduated high school and moved back to my hometown. One night at a party, I met a boy with dark hair and brown eyes and guess what his name was? Yep, you guessed it! Steve! We’ve now been married 27 years, with 3 beautiful children!

This dream is one of many that God has used to speak to me! Sometimes they are literal, sometimes metaphoric and often I need Holy Spirit to help me interpret them. I look forward every night to climbing aboard that dream weaver train in anticipation that my ‘Driver’ will speak to me, show me things and take me on adventures with Him. If one third of our lives is spent asleep, why wouldn’t God be utilising that time too, to connect with us?

Remember what Jacob said? “Surely God is in this place and I did not know it.” Let’s be a people who learn to recognise that God is speaking to us even in those times that we may ‘not know it.’ So, how is your ‘night life’? When was the last time God spoke to you in your dreams?

By Kim Beaumont