Sometimes being prophetic means that God gives us insight into practical matters so that we know what to do. This can take different shapes.

I remember one time I was working at a church and one of the pillars of the church came into my office. He wanted to meet with me because he was all upset at some information he had just found out. He said, “Did you know that the children’s program we just started is $10,000 in the hole?” Actually, I did, but it was only because the Lord had just revealed it to me in a dream the night before the person burst into my office.

The program was supposed to pay for itself. The only thing was that the church leadership had asked the department to hold off for 5 months in starting it because we were low on funds. This meant they started in the middle of the school year rather than at the beginning, which would have been much better for them.

What was the purpose of the Lord giving me insight into the situation? I think it was so that I could calm down this good saint of the Lord. When we are at peace, we can deal with a situation much more constructively than when we are all up in arms. Whenever the Lord reveals something to me that is not pleasant, I have found that generally it is helpful in dealing with the situation. Simply recognizing that whatever is happening is not a surprise to God is soothing. God did not fall off his throne. He is not surprised. We can deal with this.

Sometimes God reveals things to us so that we can pray about it. Sometimes we need to pray against the thing that is happening. Sometimes we simply need to navigate the turbulent waters with a sense of peace. This is where discernment comes into place. Asking the question, “Lord, why are you showing me this?” can be a good starting point.

Knowing what is going on through prophetic insight helps us to know how to respond to the situation. The upshot of the program that was in financial trouble was that it went on to be a very successful program, both spiritually and financially.

By Ralph Veenstra