One of the major ways God speaks to me is through dreams. It is very easy for me to dismiss them if I don’t take the time to value them and see what God is saying. Not all dreams are from the Lord, but I wonder sometimes how many things I have missed because I didn’t place value on the ones that carried weight.

A particular dream I had happened in a season of major transition in my life. I had just come out of a stressful job situation that I had felt the Lord call me out of. I was in a new season of rest and giving all control over to the Lord. It was actually a very blissful season and one that I am still currently reaping from.

In my dream, I was in a hot air balloon with a bunch of people. A certain leader in my life was sitting on top of the hot air balloon steering and I was at the bottom of the basket. We were about to take off in the balloon but we were not getting enough altitude. There was a ledge we were trying to fly over but the basket caught the edge and the balloon plunged into the water below. The balloon was sinking and the basket was filling up with water. Right when I thought I was going to die, the scene shifted. I was in the hot air balloon now, all by myself. There were a few other friends flying their balloons around me. It was very peaceful and calming. The scene shifted again and I was eating dinner with those same friends, my husband and also my friend who is named Grace. Grace got up from the table and my husband followed her. They both went to their separate places and fell asleep. So I thought to myself I should join them and then I woke up.

When I got my dream interpreted from a trusted leader in my life, the first part of my dream about the person steering the balloon was actually a certain season in my life where God brought me out of. I was in a sense being controlled or steered and God delivered me. When I was alone in my balloon, I was flying with the Trinity and it was very peaceful, it represented my current season. The last part, when Grace got up and left the table and my husband followed, that was interpreted that I needed to trust my husband with the “grace” that he followed. Again, a true interpretation I needed at that time.

I learned so much from that dream because it taught me that Holy Spirit actually wants to give us not only confirmations, but answers to our questions in certain seasons in our life. He is waiting on the other side of your dreams to give you freedom for what you are longing for. It just took me a moment to ask my leader for an interpretation and in turn, I encountered the presence through the prophetic.

By Alesia Brown