I was about to take my biggest leap of faith yet: heading into my second year at Bethel Ministry School with far from sufficient finances to make it through until May. The Lord was calling me out onto the water again. “Stand on my word,” He said. I had sensed God ask me to solely trust in His provision and not to tell anyone about my exact financial situation. My sincere response was to simply thank Him in advance for what He had promised to do. And off I went.

With a smooth ride and enough provision at first, finances got really tight towards the second half of the year. Not knowing how to pay my next months rent, I went to class one day. There we were led to ask the Lord about His thoughts over us for the upcoming months. When I closed my eyes and started listening to the Lord, I saw myself in a heavenly place where I had met with the Lord many times. In this special place there is a field and a river. The river flows from the sanctuary of God. I had touched it before, but I had never been in it. Now the Lord asked me to step into the river. In my minds eye, I stepped into it. Looking through the crystal clear water, I saw the ground covered with countless golden coins. The Spirit explained to me this was the river of His financial provision. “You have complete access to it,” He said.”There is always enough, an abundance for you to receive.” As I knelt down in the river and let the water run through my hands, I felt steadfast faith rise in me. All worry left and I was filled with peace, knowing this was a spiritual reality that would manifest in the natural.

Following this experience I continued walking in my upgraded level of faith and peace regarding my situation. Whenever thoughts about finances came up, I was reminded of the river. The vivid experience would come back to me and I would simply receive the grace to walk in faith which was being released to me through it. Any time worry would want to get a hold of me, I would start thanking the Lord for His river of golden coins that was for me. This went on for about two months with almost no money at hand. Then one day I looked to my bank account to find someone had deposited over $2000 to me. Enough money to carry me through the rest of the school year!

This journey of faith led me to the understanding that the Lord not only provides the resources but also the faith we need to take hold of the promise. Prophetic experiences are a way for Him to draw us into a deeper understanding of the reality of His unseen kingdom. In them grace is released to walk out your walk of faith. Let Him encounter you and receive!

By Jana Sundermann