January 2017

Victory over Cancer!

I remember the moment well. I sat down on the bed. My heart seemed to drop into my boots. I had just been told that my Dad had cancer. What is it with the word 'cancer' that seems to be... Continue Reading →

Prophetic Intercession–Waiting

I don’t like to wait. I don’t like to wait for red lights. I don’t like to wait for people in front of me, especially if they don’t move fast enough for my liking. I don’t like to wait for... Continue Reading →

The Sound of a Heavy Rain

A serious drought had plagued the land for years, but now the Lord was making a promise to Elijah. “I will let it rain.” Do we still need to pray when we’ve already received a promise from the Lord about... Continue Reading →

But God You Promised?

Why is it we approach God as if we need to beg for what our hearts desire most? It may be a desire to meet that special someone, to start a family, to regain full health, to see financial breakthrough.... Continue Reading →

Dance as Prophetic Intercession

Dance has always been apart of who I am. Since starting lessons at the age of four, it’s been something that’s stayed with me through every season of life. I really started to come alive when I was dancing in... Continue Reading →

Are You Prophetic?

Like so many of us, I’ve long admired Randy Clark. Perhaps it’s not for the reason you think, however. The signs and wonders that follow his ministry are miraculous, but the primary reason I am encouraged by him is his... Continue Reading →

Prophetic Intercession, at the Heart of the Prophetic

I remember one time when I kept waking up in the middle of the night and being very concerned for my friend and his family who lived on the other side of town. I was so burdened that I would... Continue Reading →

Prophetic Intercession: As Christ’s Ambassador, I Am Intercession

Growing up in God, I never had any problem believing God could do amazing things, but when it came to me, I just couldn’t reconcile how He could use me. As a youngster, I definitely wanted super powers to save... Continue Reading →

Definition of Insanity . . .

Albert Einstein once said, 'The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.' That's what I woke up with this morning, after a series of dreams last night that were somewhat disturbing.... Continue Reading →

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