Dance has always been apart of who I am. Since starting lessons at the age of four, it’s been something that’s stayed with me through every season of life. I really started to come alive when I was dancing in church. I was lucky enough to grow up and belong to a church that had opened its doors to the Spiritual Renewal and endorsed prophetic dance and worship. I could never contain myself and what started off dancing my heart out in dance class, turned into experiencing the Father in the aisles of my church.

I remember before I ever set foot on the stage at my church, my mother had a dream where she saw me dancing in all white before the Lord and leading others in encounters. Hearing that dream felt daunting, but I was young and all the other dancers at my church were adults so I didn’t take it seriously. During this same time it was prophesied over me that my dancing was actually releasing people out of the pits of hell and giving them hope and access to the Father.

Still, at this point, I wasn’t dancing on any platform. However, it became clear that not only was this a gift for me to Him, but to others as well.

I remember it so clearly the day it all broke free. I was dancing in the back of my church and a little nervous of what others would think if I fully embraced the moment when the dance leader decided to take notice and allowed me to dance with the other dancers. I was told to dance in front when I felt ready. All the sudden this hot energy came over me and I knew what I had to do. I sprinted down the middle aisle, leapt into the air spinning, fully embraced in the moment as intimidation and fear broke off, and I dived head deep into my destiny. In that exact moment, I felt something also break in the Spirit and the whole atmosphere of the room changed. This “breaking” to me is intercession.

For me it doesn’t look like hours of prayer. It’s my gift to others and a language for me to pour out my heart of affection towards the Lord and simultaneously feel His love and adoration for me or whatever the situation is that I’m pressing in for. See, the prophecy revealed the assignment of my gift, to intercede, to stand in the gap for others. So that’s what I do. Every time I dance, I get a sense of what the Lord is wanting to release or do, and I partner with that in my moves and passion. Sometimes I think it’s important for us to remember that intercession looks different on all of us. So, what is your natural intercession language?

Although I don’t believe I’ve released anyone out of a literal ‘pit of hell’ by choosing to partner with what God is doing, consciously I become aware of what that exchange feels like and am more aware of it throughout the day. Really, our lives are intercession. We were created to move the heart of God and shift any environment, but we can only do so when we become fully aware of our own authority.

By Amy Muller