I remember the moment well. I sat down on the bed. My heart seemed to drop into my boots. I had just been told that my Dad had cancer. What is it with the word ‘cancer’ that seems to be a decree carrying death and foreboding? Even though we know people recover and lead long lives after suffering from it. I knew I immediately needed God’s word and perspective on the situation so as not to go into fear and worry.

My mind wandered to the story of beautiful Esther in the Old Testament. As the decree of death for her nation went out from the king she knew what to do. She put on sackcloth and ashes and called a fast unto the Lord. I knew what I needed to do so as not to come under all that the word cancer carried with it. So I asked the Holy Spirit, ‘how long shall I fast? I need to have your word for my Dad.’ I heard his whisper and began a fast for three days.

Here at Bethel we are taught to live and pray from the place of victory. Jesus has bought that for us with his precious blood. We don’t have to pray for victory as we already have it. We are seated in the heavenlies with him. He has defeated and disarmed the enemy and made a public spectacle of him. So we pray from a place of victory. My Dad’s healing had already been bought for him.

Three days later I sat down on the bed. I had been busy with family and although I had fasted, I hadn’t prayed much. As I focused now on his beautiful presence clear as a bell his word came,

This illness will not be unto death.

My heart filled with joy and thankfulness. What a glorious Lord we served. He is always so faithful. I could now pray from an absolute place of faith and victory. I had my prophetic word; I could talk to my Dad with utter faith in his recovery.

But then as I pondered on the word I noticed something. I thought, ‘Lord why such formal language? You don’t normally speak to me like that’. I remembered one other time he had used such formal language with me. It had been again a life and death situation. It felt like the word had extra weight and depth on it, he wanted me to have total confidence in it. It felt like now God’s decree had gone out.

So I didn’t pray for my Dad to be healed. Instead I believed and I thanked the Father that my Dad was going to be well. I prayed for wisdom for the doctors. I prayed for comfort and support and love and strength for my Dad. Whenever I was with my Dad, I could bring hope.

This is my story of prophetic intercession, God’s kingdom advancing and a man healed.

By Alison Murr