It’s remarkable, the reality that the One who created the heaven’s and the earth invites us to make history with Him. He beacons us to come close, know Him intimately, experience His heart and gain His perspective.

Our authority in intercession flows directly from dwelling places of intimacy with Him. Venturing into the deepest realms of God’s heart births our most powerful intercession.

In my journey, prophetic intercession can’t be separated from my willingness to be intimate with the Father and to be available to Him. Moving in rhythm with His heart, praying from His perspective, is strategic and essential. How do we get there? We simply ask.

Years ago, with genuine longing, I asked, “Papa, I want to have your heart, your eyes. I want to see what you see, feel what you feel. Will you take me into the depths of your heart and immerse me in all you are?” God’s response to this little request took me on a journey to a new place of intercession and partnership with Him. In His kindness, He met me with an incredible encounter that changed the very fabric of my being. I suddenly found myself floating in a river of warm liquid love. I became completely immersed in the liquid until it consumed every part of me. The Father’s hands gently slid under me and scooped me up, pulling me close to His chest and folding me into His heart. There I was met with waves of such intense love, I was completely incapacitated. His love is powerful and vast, a true force to be reckoned with! As I passed through His heart, He lifted me up to the Heavens where we together looked down on the earth. As we zoomed in on specific areas, I could feel His very heart for the nations, for cities, families and individuals. Without words between us, I had a greater “knowing” of His love and desire for each place and person He showed me.

My capacity to encounter His heart and carry His perspective enlarged greatly that day, as did my authority and effectiveness in intercession. He extended an invitation for this encounter to become a daily dwelling place with Him, a place I can go with Him to intercede and partner with Heaven’s agenda at any moment. This is normal life with Him. The invitation exists for all of us to be in regular dialog with the Father. To be in a constant conversation throughout the day, asking Him what’s on His heart, what is He doing, and how we can partner with Him. This is prophetic intercession, moving from a place of intimacy with Him, making ourselves available to partner with Him in altering history as we know it.

By Erika Jay