March 2017

Understanding My Gift and the Journey to Fruitfulness

As a late teen, and a fairly new believer, I was introduced to the realm of the supernatural. I started attending a church where there was a prophet and where they walked in a beautiful expression of the kingdom. I... Continue Reading →

I Got a Feeling . . .

A ‘feeler’ is someone who can, like the name suggests, feel the atmosphere around them. It’s just God using another dimension of our human nature to communicate to us, to give us direction and wisdom in how to be proactive... Continue Reading →

God Speaks

I’d like to think that we as a prophetic community, believing that we are all prophetic people, are on the road to hearing the voice of God more in our lives. I think it is crucial that we walk in... Continue Reading →

Pursuing a Touch from God

I embarked on a wild journey 3 years ago, packing my bags and moving to California with one intention: to discover the more of God. Weeks before while devouring the pages of Face to Face with God, I had a... Continue Reading →

Standing in the Storm

We are experiencing an unusual amount of rain in California right now. Streets, landmarks and river shores are flooded. Dams are about to break down. A storm is raging outside. It’s the answer to prayers for the ending of a... Continue Reading →

Waiting on the Lord

Over the last four years at Bethel, one of the most life-giving lessons I’ve learned is Pastor Eric Johnson’s charge that the light is green unless it is red. In other words, keep moving ahead unless it’s pretty clear that... Continue Reading →

The Power of Prophetic Words

I remember it like it was yesterday. I had been at Bethel Church a little bit over a year. We were in worship. It was the eight o’clock service. I was thinking about the events that had transpired prior to... Continue Reading →

Your Voice Matters

I can be a perfectionist, and sometimes I hate it. Why? I thought you'd never ask. Let me share. I won't usually say anything unless I think it’s perfectly articulated. I won't share my opinions unless I think it makes... Continue Reading →

God Does Great Things on Missions

Two years ago, I had the opportunity to be part of a missions team traveling to Mexico to minister in several different churches. In preparation for the trip, our team met for worship, prayer and planning in the preceding months.... Continue Reading →

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