We are experiencing an unusual amount of rain in California right now. Streets, landmarks and river shores are flooded. Dams are about to break down. A storm is raging outside. It’s the answer to prayers for the ending of a long lasting drought.

As we know from Scripture nature at times reflects the spiritual realm. Elijah’s answered prayer for rain did not only end a natural drought but also a spiritual one. False prophets were erased from the land and worship to the one true God was reinstalled.

Just as then, I believe nature reflects the spiritual season right now. We are about to experience an incredible outpouring globally, corporately and personally. Change and shift is in the air. Good things are about to happen. As we have heard from leaders in the church, this is the year of breakthrough. But before the dam breaks (spiritually speaking), the pressure rises. Before the clouds are about to burst, there is storm. Before there is victory, there is battle.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely experienced the pressure and the storm lately. I’m looking out the window as I’m writing this and it’s cloudy and dark. Unfriendly. Yet when I look at it, I can’t help imagining the clouds fading, the sun coming through, the left reminders of the storm slowly disappearing. I know it is about to get so much better. It’s like I feel in my life right now. In the middle of so much expectation of good, of assured hope of fulfilled promises, all forces seem to come against me . . . The Lord opens a great ministry opportunity and deposits grace to believe for finances, when finances unexpectedly get cut short at another end. The newly awakened hope of finding a spouse, when someone tells me no. A financial gift to buy some knew clothes I desperately needed, when suddenly my car breaks down. And yet, the unwavering anticipation of good remains, the knowing of storms passing and bright light coming through, the assurance of the drought being over.

So what do we do in the middle of the storm, in the middle of the pressure before the dam is about to break? As it says in Ephesians 6, “Having done all, we stand!” Just before the breakthrough, having believed God, having acted in obedience and according to our faith, having worshipped, having loved, we stand! We hold fast to our promises and look beyond the storm. Our eyes fixed we peacefully await his already secured victory that is just behind the dark clouds, that is just about to burst forth.

I want to encourage you in this time. If in expectancy of good and full assurance of promises being fulfilled, you feel the storm rising, the winds getting stronger, the pressure increasing, stand. Know that this is just a sign that the rain is about to be released, the drought is about to be over, the battle is about to be won! This is the year of breakthrough!

By Jana Sundermann