I’d like to think that we as a prophetic community, believing that we are all prophetic people, are on the road to hearing the voice of God more in our lives. I think it is crucial that we walk in the fullness of who God is calling us to be and that is by hearing what he says over us. We as believers should be riding the wave of what he is saying corporately but also on an individual level and on a daily basis.

In the Old Testament the Lord spoke through appointed prophets and spoke harshly of keeping the law. But it shows us in Hebrews 1:1-2 that God gave us Jesus, his son whom he appointed heir of all things, to speak to us and give us freedom to hear the Word of the Lord through grace.

It is because of the cross that we are able to hear the Lord and all he is saying to us. He so desires an intimate relationship with us that we have access to through Jesus. The gospel gives us a way to hear the voice of the Lord. Whatever speaks of peace, gentleness, kindness, love and everything that is good, that is the voice of the Lord.

Just like growing a muscle, hearing his voice more clearly and specifically is something that grows and takes time. The more we meditate on the Word and renew our minds with His truth, the more we can hear what he is saying clearly. Not only that, but we can view the world with a different lens, and this affects how we treat people and respond to life changes. We become more Christ-like, which in turn builds a better kingdom of God here on earth.

It’s important to note that God speaks with purpose. Everything he speaks has a meaning and a call to action to build our faith. Everything he speaks has love in mind towards other people and toward ourselves. Nothing he speaks ever falls to the ground. It’s up to us to take what he is saying and put faith and action to it. Faith without works is dead. The Lord is attracted to our faith. We see all throughout the gospels that Jesus marveled at their faith and did things on their behalf because of faith. When we have faith believing what the Lord says, he works on our behalf.

So, if you are feeling like you don’t hear the voice of God or you aren’t prophetic, I encourage you to go to the Word and listen to what resonates with your heart. Find the peace that passes all understanding and challenge yourself to believe that what he says is true and that he is always speaking. The Lord wants to move through you and use your voice to display his glory in all the earth!

By Alesia Brown