May 2017

We Speak Life

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me” appeared to be the ultimate rebuttal as a child. The problem is it is in no way true. Words are the most powerful weapons we possess, they... Continue Reading →

Discernment – Operating in Humility, Purity & Love

Discernment can be a beautiful overflow of partnership and intimacy with the Lord. When we move in the power of discernment, He invites us to do so with humility, purity and love. As we grow in our level of gifting,... Continue Reading →

Gift of Discernment

I was returning home from an extensive wilderness adventure through the Yosemite Valley when my mentor at the time said to me, “You have the spiritual gift of discernment.” I was fourteen and I didn’t really know what to say... Continue Reading →

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