I have a confession to make . . . Sometimes I don’t like church. I know! Shocking isn’t it? “How could you not like church?” some of you may ask. “You go to BETHEL!” So let me backtrack for a minute, before you all jump to conclusions. It’s not really church, it’s more people . . . “What?” [I seem to be jumping from the frying pan into the fire.] “People? You’re a pastor! It’s part of your job to love people!” So, maybe it’s not so much people, as it is loving them . . .

OK! So, before you slam shut this blog, let me explain. It’s not that I don’t like people, or love doing life with them. It has just come to my attention that I could LOVE so much better. My heart’s cry for the past few years has been to be a person who loves really well! And as a leader, this is one of my core values! I am reminded of what Bill Johnson says, “You cannot influence, what you do not love.”

Recently on a trip away, I had this incredible time with God, just me and Him looking out onto the Pacific Ocean marveling at His handiwork. I came away to this trip tired, flat, drained with nothing left to give, including loving people really well. And I was determined, no matter how I felt, to find a space where it could be just me and Him. As I was sitting there reading The Passion Translation Book of John, He reminded me, to go back to the beginning – to Him. Go back to the presence . . . with no agenda, no lists, no expectations. He is always there, with open arms, just waiting for us to come.

John 1;12: “But those who embraced Him, and took hold of His Name, were given the authority to become who they TRULY are, children of God.”

WOW! That’s His heart for us! Just to be His kids. No matter our responsibilities, expectations, circumstances or job titles, He is always beckoning us back to Him! Our Father’s deepest desire is communion and relationship with us, His kids. Our ability to hear Him, understand and “love really well” flows out of this space with Him! You become like what or whom you worship [spend time with], and isn’t that part of the point of being His kids? To be more like our Dad?

Bill Johnson says this: “I was not called to accomplish something great for God, I was called to God Himself.” This is our calling first and foremost! And from that place EVERYTHING else flows!

When was the last time you intentionally made space, just for you and Him?

Oh! And by the way, I really do love my church, just in case you were wondering.

By Kim Beaumont