It was a Saturday morning in the Healing Rooms at Bethel. It must have been some Saturday after a conference. My partner and I saw a woman laying on a row of chairs. We did not know why she was laying down, but we did know she needed prayer. She explained that she was in so much pain that she got out of her wheelchair and laid down on the chairs. She indicated that her pain level was beyond 10 on a scale of 1-10. We said that we would pray for her.

We prayed for her a total of three times and to the best of what I remember, her pain did not subside one bit. This was rather discouraging to our team of two, especially since this was the first person we were praying for that morning. Not a great start to a morning in the Healing Rooms!

As we left her, I felt that I needed to say something to her. I said to her what I have not said to another person since, “Your healing will be in a moment, it will not be a process.” As soon as I said it, I wondered what made me say that. I never say that. We are not taught to say that. How did that just come out of my mouth?

We went on with our morning and continued to pray for people throughout the morning seeing some healed and others not. At one point I happened to look up at the stage and saw the person we had initially prayed for walk up on stage without a wheelchair, without any help, and without any apparent difficult.

She had been asked to give a testimony of how she made it out of the wheelchair that morning. She testified how she came in with excruciating pain but no longer needed the wheelchair or had any pain.

As soon as she had come down from the stage, I approached her and asked what happened. She said another gentleman came by after us and persisted to pray for her. At one point she saw (in the spirit) snakes leave her body and as they did, the pain went down to “0.”

This is an example of a prophetic word preceding her healing. Although we were unable to see her healed as my partner and I prayed for her, I felt compelled to give her a prophetic word. By the grace of God I was able to get feedback on that word within hours.

Jesus said to him, “Get up, take up your bed, and walk.” John 5:8

By Ralph Veenstra