Whenever we pray for healing, we are simply listening for the voice of Holy Spirit. Obviously, if we don’t hear or sense anything specific, we still pray for healing. Part of being prophetic means that we are listening for the voice of God in the situation or for whatever He might be showing us.

One time a person wanted healing for her knee and to be set free from depression. Those of us present started praying for physical healing by laying our hands on her knee. I think we all took turns to pray and after we had all prayed, there was no change in her condition or in her pain level in her knee. I proceeded to address the depression. I spoke to the depression and commanded it to leave. Instantly, the woman fell to the ground under the power of the Holy Spirit. She was on the floor for a while. I thought to myself, “The Lord must really be ministering to her.” When she came to, I asked her how the Lord ministered to her during this time. She said, “My knee is healed.” She said nothing about the depression. Go figure!

Sometimes when people list a number of things that they want healing for, I sense that the Lord wants me start with the smallest thing on their list. At times it seems so inconsequential compared to the other things mentioned that I wonder why we should even start here. However, a curious thing happens when the Lord heals something small; the person’s faith increases. All of a sudden when they see that the Lord touched this small and seemingly insignificant part of their body, there is increased hope and faith for the bigger, sometimes seemingly impossible, conditions that they have lived with for a long time. I don’t know when the Lord wants to work in this way. I simply follow the nudging of Holy Spirit.

One day when I was just starting in Bethel’s Healing Rooms, Chris Gore, the Healing Rooms’ Director, had given us instructions to invite the presence of God first and then after a little bit ask what the person wanted healing for. When we asked the man in front of us what he wanted prayer for, he began to tear up and said, “It’s already done.” He explained that the back pain he had had for about 40 years, including multiple surgeries and titanium rods put in his back, was all gone. He could bend over perfectly. Praise Jesus!

Whenever we partner with Holy Spirit to heal people, we don’t know how He is going to lead or how He is going to do it. We listen for His voice and we follow His lead. Sometimes it makes no logical sense to us or to the person praying. Sometimes we get an inkling of where this is going. Sometimes we know exactly what the Lord is doing or going to do. However, He does and that’s all that matters.

And Elisha sent a message to him saying, “Go and wash in the Jordan seven times, and your flesh shall be restored, and you shall be clean.” 2 Kings 5:10

By Ralph Veenstra