When I was a kid, my dad had a few things he’d say now and again. One of these gems was that “money didn’t grow on trees.” It usually came coupled with “don’t be silly!” or “didn’t you know that?” It was a sure thing that just.did.not.happen. Something I should probably talk with him about now since, it has for me.

To go back a year, I was having some financial troubles, and I took to heart the sentiment (and scripture) that faith without works is dead. I decided that I’d lean into the miraculous a bit and give the idea of prophetic acts a go!

There was a tree in my yard that had absolutely no leaves on it, but I started thinking there must be money there. If God was going to remind me of those famous last words, it must be for a good cause! I went outside with my purse, and in faith picked 20 x $100 dollar bills. I put them right in my bag without even giving them a glance.

The next day came, and with it came no actual cash. I wondered if my dad could be right . . . but even more, I wondered if I’d be living in my car since I had no money to pay my rent.

Literally days before I was about to be homeless, a friend I hardly knew invited me to stay with her and her family. Before moving in with her, I looked her up on Facebook to see her family, and more specifically, to see her husband. Living with people gets pretty personal, so I was curious. When I opened a picture of them, I immediately felt God say that her husband was a king. Not only that, but a tear rolled down my face. Little did I know.

The only thing that made sense was that God was returning favor for my faith. I lived with this lovely family (without payment) for over a year. Not only that, but they also hired me to work for them (and paid me), they gave me at least two incredibly large cash gifts (just because God prompted), and they extended every, single, kindness you could imagine. Absolute royals.

A couple months ago, when I was about to move out, I took a quick accounting of everything God had done through them, and can you imagine . . . the total amount of everything they extended to me in just one short year was over $10,000 dollars (in gifts, payment for work, and what I would have spent on rent that year).

Quite a bit more than 20 x $100 bills.

The next time someone tells you money doesn’t grow on trees, you should have them come and talk to me. My dad was right about a lot of things but he definitely missed this one by a mile. And act on that faith of yours! God can do the impossible . . . it just may look differently than you’d imagine!

By Mary Hawblitzel

(*And a special thanks to Anne Conner for the money tree, and Andrea and Joe Thompson . . . aka Queen and King of this story).