“God is going to show you He is your provider,” is the phrase I kept getting over and over the last couple of years.

I thought it was nice cliché but my heart kept it an arms length away. Why? Because my experience through my life was if I didn’t work, things did not work.

There really wasn’t a person to blame; it was just the way I grew up. Thankfully, we always had a home and food, but there was nothing extra. So from a young age I always dreamt of working, and finally at 15, I was legally allowed to work and haven’t stopped since. My mentality left little room for God to be God in my life and to show me He actually does take care of me.

I got saved in a powerful way at 18. I can reflect back now and see how God was paving a way for me even then that He was my provider. With divine favor I got jobs for which I never qualified without a degree or experience. Somehow He landed me these jobs that led up to things I am even doing today. He was showing He doesn’t just provide in ‘million dollar checks’ but in ways and in opportunities.

When I was hearing “God is going to show you He is your provider,” it just meant more hard work to me. But I didn’t want just more work. I needed help: relief in my monthly bills and things so that dreams I had put on hold due to financial lack could possibly start. I prayed for opportunity and divine wisdom to steward the money He was giving me but also started declaring His bank account was my bank account.

For a while, nothing happened. When another divine job opportunity came along, it was great and exciting. But I didn’t make much and the lies came again, “If I don’t work, things don’t work,” or “It’s all up to you now.” All I knew to do was to be faithful and keep declaring.

And then God showed up.

About a month ago now, I got a letter in the mail from an elderly couple from my hometown. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I started reading what they wrote. It simply said they felt led to send a check every month to help with my monthly expenses!

I couldn’t believe it. I jumped and hollered and praised Him!! Out of all the times He had shown me miracles, He showed me He heard me, knows me, and wanted to help relieve that burden. It wasn’t a huge amount but enough to show, “My goodness Lord you see!! You care!! And what more can you do next then?!”

He really has shown that He is God the provider. In all ways. Opportunities, finances, and I know He also is and will be in our dreams, relationships, and emotional needs.

It doesn’t burden Him, it makes Him come alive! And He loves our thankful hearts and eyes of adoration when He can give us these things.

I challenge you to open up and receive. What area is He showing you He will provide? Will you put your feet over the edge and trust Him to?

By Brandy Hassis