September 2017

Two Trees

I have a tree outside in the yard that I can’t tell whether it is one tree or two. Is it one tree that diverged into two? Or are there two trees that are so close to each other’s side... Continue Reading →

Introducing the Prophetic

How do you introduce the prophetic gift to people who are not used to operating in it? That was my question a number of years ago. I wrote a study guide to introduce people to the gift. To test it,... Continue Reading →

Youth Ministry

It was a time of transition. Our church had gone through another transition. It was a painful one, as transitions can be. Many people were disillusioned. Some people left the church. Others wondered if they should leave too. People wondered... Continue Reading →


Blue is often associated with the prophetic. One reason is that it reminds us of the sky and heaven is the place of revelation. It could also be that blue relates to the ocean which reminds us of the depths... Continue Reading →

Psalm 23

We had a group come from North America for missions work in the Dominican Republic where we were working. I took a group of white visitors to a Haitian sugar cane cutting village, called a batey. It was batey 56... Continue Reading →

When God Moves on a Word

I find that when I prepare a message to preach, it’s an interesting process. On the one hand I want to be faithful to the text and not take passages out of context. This is what I was trained to... Continue Reading →

“Tell Her to Call the Police”

It was my custom to take phone calls where people were asking for counsel to have one ear to the person and one ear to the Lord. It was almost six o’clock. “I should be home for dinner already, “... Continue Reading →

The Feeding of the 500

It was our outreach event for the year. We would hold a Fiesta. We had a variety of people in our community, but we really wanted to do something to reach out to our large Hispanic population. We already had... Continue Reading →

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