Blue is often associated with the prophetic. One reason is that it reminds us of the sky and heaven is the place of revelation. It could also be that blue relates to the ocean which reminds us of the depths of God. Blue should evoke feelings of peace and tranquility as it is a soothing color.

I am not sure what you think of when you think of prophetic people. Maybe they are anything but peaceful to you. Maybe you think of fiery, scary people who come and disrupt things. Whether your picture is based on Old Testament characterizations of prophets who preached fire and brimstone or whether it is based on actual experiences with modern day “prophets” that you’ve had that fit this mold, this is not an accurate reflection of prophetic people.

The prophetic people that I know are ordinary people who have ordinary jobs and ordinary families. Most of them look like ordinary people. You would not be able to pick them out from a crowd. They have ordinary struggles and ordinary problems. Upon face value there is nothing extraordinary about them.

Then what makes a person “prophetic”? All of us are called to be prophetic. Paul wishes that all people would prophesy and he would rather prophesy than speak in tongues. This is not a denigration of the gift of tongues but simply a recognition that when we prophesy, we use language that people can understand. A prophetic word is meant to be intelligible.

Prophetic people hear from God and pray into or speak forth the things they hear from God. At the most basic level, they are simply encouraging, building up, or comforting people. At a greater level they may be predicting the future or declaring a thing that has not yet happened. Anyone can hear from God. Some people hear things, some people see things, some people feel things, and some people just know things. There is not one way to hear God.

Prophecy is not rocket science. You don’t need a degree from a seminary or a certification in public speaking. One of the things we help people do is realize how they are already hearing God more than they think they are hearing God. When is the last time you have heard him speak to you? You’ve heard him probably more than you think you have heard him.

So many of the things that come from God we tend to discount when it doesn’t fit our current frame of reference. It is a thought that comes, a voice in the back of our head, an idea we entertain for just a brief moment, and then we decide that this couldn’t possibly be God. I am not saying that it is always God, but just maybe it was. Maybe he was trying to tell you something.

Next time you meet a prophetic person, just remember, it could be you.

By Ralph Veenstra