October 2017

Developing the Prophetic in Me

As I grew up amongst non-Christian friends, I had never heard of the prophetic. But when I gave my life to Jesus and read the Bible, I realized that the prophetic is a way of how God speaks to men.... Continue Reading →

A Life in Hiding

You wake from a disturbing dream, the room feels ice cold, a picture shifts on the wall, a door bangs shut, there’s someone lurking in the dark in the corner of your room, a presence sends a cold shiver down... Continue Reading →

My Prophetic Journey

When I started attending a Vineyard church in Kentucky in 2008, I immediately was absorbed into the world of the prophetic. I never doubted it; I loved it! I didn't see myself as prophetic but knew it would eventually start... Continue Reading →

My Journey into the Prophetic

I was born a communicator. I have always been intrigued to hear different stories, perspectives and experiences. However, my interest was not just in the content of the message, but the entire process – from the sender encoding it, relaying... Continue Reading →

Journey of Learning

I can remember it clearly, sitting on the couch with my new husband talking about the school we were leading. I would mention something about a student, "I can tell they are struggling with fear" or "they have a call... Continue Reading →

Just Be You!

I don't know about you, but the word "prophetic" has never had the same meaning in my life. It always depends on the season I am in. When I started to discern God's voice, I didn't believe I was prophetic.... Continue Reading →

How I Knew I Was Prophetic

My parents became Christians at the end of the Jesus Revival. Both my parents were Catholics who became Christian. Our new church was “My Friend’s House Christian Church” (Pentecostal/Assembly of God). Our church verse was Proverbs 18:24 " . .... Continue Reading →

My Journey with the Prophetic

My voice is one of my most powerful assets. I had always been the one who would stand up for truth and silence any kind of mistreatment or negativity. I found I can be a safe place with my words,... Continue Reading →

Far Away from Being Reached

We used to have this man in our community named Michael. He would come towards us, look deeply into our eyes and tell us things that happened in our past – things nobody would know. And he spoke about things... Continue Reading →

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