My parents became Christians at the end of the Jesus Revival. Both my parents were Catholics who became Christian. Our new church was “My Friend’s House Christian Church” (Pentecostal/Assembly of God). Our church verse was Proverbs 18:24 ” . . . but there is a friend who is closer than a brother.”

As a child I remember hearing the Lord’s call. I remember hearing the pastor call up front those who wanted to receive the Holy Baptism. As a child I was very quiet and I remember the struggle in my heart to be bold and step forward. I waited, turned to my dad and told him, “Jesus is calling me and I have to go.”

As a child I would talk to Jesus like a friend. I would ask him questions and he would answer me back. I also remember as a child looking at people and I would know things about them. I would see things in their eyes. I remember as a young girl dreaming. One night I dreamt of a tornado swallowing up my family. Shortly after my family stopped going to church. Everything we believed changed. Our home was out of order and a lot of things came in our home that should not have.

My dreams were always nightmares – I would see demons. My moods would change according to where I was or with whom I was. Life seemed hard. I did not have any peace or victory. I struggled in my heart: I experienced the love of Jesus, but I also experienced abuse of power and bad character.

Years passed and in 2000 I received a vision of an Angel. He had a message for me from God. At this time I was in complete rebellion to the Lord. His message was that “God loves me”. At the time I did not want to go back to church. I knew returning to the Lord meant I would have to surrender. I eventually returned to church in 2003.

In 2005 a man from England was visiting my church. I heard the Lord tell me this man had a message for me. There was one empty seat left by this man on Thursday evening. I sat down, turned to him and told him to go ahead and give me the message. He did and my life unraveled shortly after. Three years later I met another man with a revelatory gift. I recognized something different about him.

In 2012 I went for prayer at Ventura Healing Rooms. The woman praying for me was prophetic. She invited me to pray with her. She was excited about my gifts. I had been so used to keeping what I know private. I was shocked at her interest and acceptance. They gave me language to describe how I do life such as prophetic, prophecy, “seeing,” and navigating etc. They taught me about identity and destiny.

In 2015 the Lord called me to Bethel: more language, more people – just more. My journey is still moving ahead.

By Sheryl Sena