As I grew up amongst non-Christian friends, I had never heard of the prophetic. But when I gave my life to Jesus and read the Bible, I realized that the prophetic is a way of how God speaks to men. Not having anyone around me teaching what the prophetic was, I didn’t know how to handle impressions I got.

On a frequent basis I got déjà-vus which was a normal part of my life. Sometimes something happened throughout the day and I knew this was going to happen because I dreamt of it the previous night, or I just knew it. It was small, random circumstances that I knew would happen. Somehow it got more intense every once in a while. I got scared of the intense impressions because it was negative things I knew that would happen but did not know what to do about it. I went to my pastor who prayed for me to not have these previews anymore. And they stopped. But not only the negative impressions stopped, also the regular small things that I often knew that would happen I didn’t know anymore. I realized that I missed them because I thought they were fun.

Only after some years I got to learn about the prophetic. It was never a question for me whether this was a real thing or not. I got to learn that God wants to use us for His goodness to be revealed and to love on and encourage people, to speak life into circumstances and peoples’ hearts. This was when I started asking God to speak to me so I could shower people with his love. Bible verses got highlighted while praying for people, sometimes I had a dream of someone in need for whom I would pray for the following day, or I simply would see a picture with my inner eye of a plant, an animal or something else where I would know what God wanted to reveal to that person or myself. They were things where God wanted to make a difference in a persons’ life and show that He knows their need and has a solution for that specific thing. Oftentimes these pictures are something you could easily miss. But when paying attention to it, it blesses someone’s’ life. And while paying attention, you realize that God wants to communicate with us all day long because He is so in love with us and wants to spend minute after minute with us.

Do you recognize His soft, gentle and loving voice? Does He bring Bible verses into your memory or speak through nature to you? Through songs, pictures or dreams? These are all ways of how God speaks to us and wants to talk with you in your life. I pray for more of these moments, where you realize that He is with you and takes care of you and your loved ones.

By Daniela Altorfer