November 2017

A Stepping Stone for Success

Nobody likes adversity. Although some people thrive on excitement, usually this does not mean trouble. Controversy is one thing, adversity something completely different. Hindsight is 20/20, it has been said. The benefit of experience allows you to look back and... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Adversity

Vision is the key to overcoming adversity and that is where prophecy has helped fuel my hope. Over the last five years I have experienced pain and hopelessness in the area of health. I was in a surfing accident where... Continue Reading →

Embracing the Winter Season

Coming from Australia, summer was my favourite season. I still love summer, but there is something about the winter season that refreshes my heart. Here in Northern California the trees are starting to look stark, the air is crisp, and... Continue Reading →

Encountering the One Who Holds Our Victory

I want to offer an invitation, one that might feel a bit uncomfortable at first. I want to pull the veil back and dive in deep as we look at overcoming adversity. I believe with all my heart that we... Continue Reading →

Unwavering Faith

It was in my second year in ministry school at Bethel. I had a conviction not to ask anyone for financial support for my expenses but solely trust in his promise to provide. Through loved people’s generosity I had been... Continue Reading →

Defying the Danger of Disappointment

Filled with nerves and expectation I stood before my new boss on my first day. The dream job had finally come. Following six years of study I graduated into the economic crisis with an embargo on all state jobs. After... Continue Reading →

Be an Overcomer

There are many trials throughout our lifetime some harder than others. I’m reminded of the quote from the great man Winston Churchill who once said, “if you’re going through hell, keep going”. Why would you stop, you may ask yourself? Well,... Continue Reading →

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