There are many trials throughout our lifetime some harder than others. I’m reminded of the quote from the great man Winston Churchill who once said, “if you’re going through hell, keep going”.

Why would you stop, you may ask yourself? Well, there are times when we get stuck. You aren’t able to see the wood for the trees and every time there is a small burst of sunshine down comes the rain once more!

There are several things I’ve learned in my journey with God. I’d like to share a couple with you.

Be real. It’s really okay to be you. Don’t hide behind a curtain. God gave us the body of Christ for a reason; we were never meant to suffer alone. I’ve found that in sharing my struggles with a trusted friend, the cloud lifts and I feel so much better. You may cry together but you may also laugh. The enemy is exposed when we bring things into the light. Be brave and courageous as you may be surprised!

Listening to worship music has always been a huge default of mine. I can plug myself in and off I go, singing and dancing in the heavens. Your mind is shifted to a different perspective and love comes down and embraces you. There is nothing like being alone with God and worshipping really loud! Let the enemy know you mean business. You will feel the atmosphere shift around you. Spend time in your secret place with the Lord, talk to him, ask him questions but most importantly take some time to listen.

I know that my words are powerful so when going through adversity, I make daily declarations over myself. Simple things like ‘today will be 100 times better than yesterday’. ‘Today I will have breakthrough’. It’s such an easy thing to do but often we forget just how powerful we are.

I was reminded today of how minuscule my problems are. As I stood and worshiped behind a precious family that had flown thousands of miles with their daughter – watching them knowing that cancer is eating away at her body, wondering if each embrace is a countdown to their last – I was humbled to stand in agreement for her healing and honored to be part of the body that would believe with them. Our own problems are real but having a different perspective is a good reminder!

There is so much beauty in our world, so much to be thankful for. Sometimes it takes one little girl’s brave smile to remind us of that.

By Beverley Williams