It was in my second year in ministry school at Bethel. I had a conviction not to ask anyone for financial support for my expenses but solely trust in his promise to provide. Through loved people’s generosity I had been given enough to make it through the start of the school year, but I could foresee finances getting tighter a couple months in. With that thought worry was trying to grasp me.

One day I was spending time with God when the scripture about Abraham’s journey of faith was highlighted to me. I knew instantly this was the word of the Lord for this season.

In Romans 4 Paul tells us how Abraham saw the promise of God realized in his life. It says Abraham believed in hope against ALL hope. Facing the natural circumstances that he and Sarah were unable to have a child, he did not give up hope, he was not shaken in his belief. What was the secret to this unwavering faith?

The key for Abraham’s success is given to us in verses 20-21: “No unbelief made him waver concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong in his faith as he gave glory to God, fully convinced that God was able to do what he had promised.”

Abraham did not partner with the temptations of unbelief but instead he gave glory to God. He praised him for the fulfillment of his promise against all odds. I imagine Abraham reminding himself of God’s greatness as the creator of the whole earth, of God’s omnipotence, of all the things Abraham had seen him do before. And by doing so, it says, he grew strong in faith. He started being fully convinced that God had all power to do what he had said he would do.

When we are faced with a situation that speaks the opposite of what God has promised us, the key to receiving new strength in faith is thankfulness. Remind yourself of past promises, of God’s greatness and of glorifying him. By doing so you will obtain the promise he has given! You will be fully convinced! You will have unwavering faith!

So I did as Abraham did. Faced with no money to pay rent or food, I continually praised God. I glorified him and thanked him in the exact area that I wasn’t seeing the promise realized yet as if it was already mine. And what happened?! I was strengthened. I was coming into hope that believes against all hope. And one day I checked my bank account and there it was. My promise. Fulfilled. In one moment. Did I rejoice? You bet! Was I surprised? Not really. Why? A hope had grown in me that was convinced and did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God. I had had my own Abraham experience!

And the good news: this key is there for you! Take it and walk through the door of thankfulness and praise into the land of unwavering faith und promises fulfilled.

By Jana Sundermann