Last spring the Lord took me to a memory of when I was 7 years old. This was the first time I ever remember feeling shame or guilt for asking for something I wanted. In processing the memory I realized that my ability to dream had been stunted. In that prayer time I was able to “re-parent” that situation and restore that gift of dreaming.

Fast forward 3 months and, on a Monday in June, we were meeting with a realtor about purchasing a home. Five days after that, I find a $20 bill in an ATM and the Lord says “it’s just going to be that easy.” The next day we looked at a property that our loan approval doesn’t meet, but with one phone call the loan officer increased our approval $68,000. The next day we make an offer and the next day our offer is accepted. All that took place in 7 days!!!

We go through escrow and got the keys to our new house on my birthday . . . which was exactly 40 years to the day of the memory the Lord healed me of when I was 7. My first thought was, “Oh good, I’m not in the desert anymore.” The Lord gently said to me, “No, Jill, you are entering your Promised Land.”

So much of our story parallels what I see God doing in the body of Christ in this moment in history. I believe 2018 is the launching of a magnificent reformation. As Israel took those first steps into their Promised Land, I can imagine how new everything felt.

I can imagine some of the questions they might have been asking themselves . . . “Do we have what it takes? Are we really ready? I don’t even know if I want to fight to take this land? We’ve never done this before. It feels so new. Is this what it is suppose to feel like out here?” If any of you have looked at the grand dreams the Lord has for you and the world and felt resistance in this season, you are not alone. I know of many faithful servants who have been bombarded with discouragement and thoughts of doubt and been tempted to step off onto the sideline.

I hear the Lord calling us to keep moving forward. “Don’t be afraid, for I am with you . . . I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.” (Isaiah 41:10)

I believe we will see God do things we have never seen before as we take faith-filled steps. As we face our giants and raise our sword, we will watch the power and favor of the Lord go before us and make a way. There is grace for us in 2018 to take new territory and boldly establish His Kingdom. He simply asks us to put one foot in front of the other with His promises in one hand and his authority in the other.

By Jill Talbot