It’s already February, and the new year is underway! I am reminded that to step into the unknown, we have to let go of the known.

So, in light of that I have been going over my journal from last year, and as I did, God began to speak to me.

Is there room in your heart, for Me to write My story?

Through all the busyness and doing good things for Jesus last year, was there still room for Him?

It’s not about doing for Jesus, it is about being for Him!

Here‘s what I wrote in my journal:

“Help me to remember that all my striving ‘to make the world better’, to see people encounter You in their everyday lives, is just striving, no matter my inner motivation, if I’m not doing it with you!

It is being for you and with You that transforms us into the Sons and Daughters that You originally created us to be!

I am many things to many people, wife, mum, daughter, friend, pastor, team member, business owner, leader etc etc . I am doing a lot of things! But being with You and for You should be my absolute priority; because it is in that place of heart to heart connection that I see and live through your eyes and carry Your heart to those around me.”

So, what does that look like on a practical level?

Being with Him:

  • Firstly, intentionally making a space for Him. Face to face, heart to heart – on a regular basis – with no hidden agenda, prayer lists, plans or needs – just me and Him!
  • Become consciously aware that He is with me, throughout the day, in the mess and in the glory, in the heartache and the joy!

Being with Him:

  • Living out of my original identity, knowing who I really am, my gifts, dreams and passions that He placed inside of me.
  • Knowing Whose I am, and connecting with to His heart; celebrating what He has done for me and what He continues to do.
  • Knowing that what he accomplished at the cross, wasn’t only for the world, but it was for me!
  • Knowing that His heart for connection and being with us is so passionate, that He sacrificed His only Son, so that we could have direct connection with Him! Direct access to our Father! The Creator of the World!
  • So, when we are being for Him, Holy Spirit help us to remember that we can let go of the known, even when it is precious to us, to make more room for Him and something more, even when we can’t quite see what it is!
  • Be encouraged, in this year 2018! Remember we are being called to be for Him, not just do for Him.
  • Being prophetic is not just about using our voice. Out of our heart the mouth speaks! And it is our heart that He yearns for!

Until next time . . .

By Kim Beaumont