I knew when I signed up to be a part of the Prophetic Ministry Team for this current school year, I had agreed to have to speak in front of people – in some capacity at least. I had seen much of my own growth and confidence develop in the prophetic during my first two years at BSSM, however, I knew this year would compound further more. So with that being said, some of the highlights for me while being challenged at the same time came during a Friday night service at Bethel Church and during a Prophetic Community night. The former meant I along with my team had to prophesy over people in front of a full Bethel sanctuary. Now, I’ve never wanted to speak in front of many people despite knowing it’s a part of my life. As it turned out, it was the clearest I had ever spoken in front of anyone, and it was the biggest crowd I’ve spoken in front of! And it’s continued since then. So often in our lives once we conquer an obstacle, we see how God’s hand is upon us in that area.

Then, just as one of our Prophetic Community Nights was starting, I was entrusted with welcoming guests and leading us in prayer before worship started. Seems simple but this was the biggest challenge this year for me. It wasn’t just about prophesying on this occasion. Through the prophetic I overcame something I wouldn’t have signed up to volunteer in if I’d had the option to choose.

What I’ve seen through experience this year is how God has and still is using what I’m comfortable doing to help me overcome something I’ve never been comfortable doing. I trust what He shows me to encourage someone else, so it’s how I choose to approach standing in front of others and speaking. Focus on the prophetic side rather than fear of the speaking. It’s the awesome brilliance of God to use a strength of ours to help us overcome something we often think we can’t achieve breakthrough in.

I pray you experience the breakthroughs you’ve been contending for in this season you are in.

By Stephen Cross