I’ve been at the hands of several financial miracles throughout my life. I’ve been stripped back by the kindness of the Lord over and over again, though this time, things were way more personal. This was a breakthrough in trust.

This financial breakthrough started back in my first year where the Lord gave me a vision. I was holding seven keys, each one a different colour of the rainbow. He spoke to me and said each key represented a specific country where I was going to bring revival and identity to every generation. Since then, I have been to 6 out of 7 of those particular countries, with a promise needing fulfilled.

In October of third year I had the opportunity to choose a mission trip. I asked the Lord for a dream and I had a dream that night about my first year Revival Group Pastor, Lindsay Coil, who leads the trip to the Philippines that costs $2450 per person. I applied, along with about 300 other people, for 50 spots and got thankfully accepted!

The moment I got accepted the Lord said he didn’t want me to reach out for money. Considering I am on a tight enough budget, that was hard to hear. However, I decided to trust the Lord. Months go by, I have $170 dollars raised and it’s the middle of January. Two payment deadlines have passed. I go to the Randy Clark conference and the Lord speaks and says that I can ask for money in a post on Facebook which caught me off guard! I posted and shared a little about my process and the following day I get a text from one of the leaders saying that I was dropped from the trip; I had actually been dropped at the start of January! We all have those moments when were not sure we’ve heard form the Lord. For me this was one of them. However, in that moment I chose to believe in what the Lord had spoken over me. He told me I was going, so I stayed in trust with Him.

That Sunday in church Bill Johnson spoke about the loaves and fishes and explained that when the disciples saw the miracle happen the first time, they had to relinquish the right to believe that God could not replicate the miracle again in their lives. And so I worshipped the Lord and thanked him for his provision over my life, declaring his promises over me.

I get home and there is a guy at my house visiting my roommate. I didn’t know him very well and had very limited contact throughout school. He looked at me strangely! He asked me how I was doing and explained to him my process. Turned out that he saw my post and the Lord told him to donate to me, but not yet. He had no idea I lived with the guy he was visiting and so when he saw me, that confirmed to him that he was supposed to donate but not only that, HE PAID OFF THE REMAINING $2280 I NEEDED! I got re-accepted onto the trip and I’m going this April!

He is faithful. When he promises you something, you will see it fulfilled. I love how the Lord transformed me over this time to trust in His timing being the best timing. When you trust in the Lord, he will give you the desires of your heart!

By Peter Harrison