Growth is part of life. If we aren’t growing, we’re stagnating. Who wants to stagnate? Not me.

The same is true for our spiritual growth. Growth in the Kingdom is all about positioning yourself. If you position yourself to receive nutrients from Heaven, you will not stagnate. Growth is exciting. Growth is full of life. Growth is challenging as our capacity to expand pushes us into new territory. Following are 7 keys for growth.

1.Expect Increase

We don’t have what we don’t expect. One way of getting out of where you are is to expect more: more of God, more breakthrough, more production, more favor. We come to God with an attitude of expectancy.

2. Ask According to His Will (1 John 5:14-15)

What is God’s will? If we knew what it was, it would be easier to pray according to His will. When God indicates what His will is in Scripture, we can pray accordingly. When God speaks His will into our lives, we can resist it or pray accordingly. When God gives us a prophetic word, whether it is directly or through someone else, we can pray accordingly. Maybe it’s not as complicated as we make it out to be.

3. Be Patient

It seems like the lag time between the promised word and the present circumstances is often greater than we want. It is called process. It is in the process that God shapes us and changes us. Patience is key.

4. Do Not Be Discouraged

Discouragement is the great devourer. It can steal our present peace. Our hope is in God, not in our circumstances. When we open the door to discouragement, although a natural part of life, it is easy to spiral down and lose hope altogether. However, it is hope that propels us forward to our promised land.

5. Do Not Complain

Attitude is everything. You want to go around in circles for 40 years in the desert? Just complain. That’s how the Israelites got there when they could have gone right into the Promised Land. This doesn’t mean our circumstances are always pleasant or desirable, but we do have control over our attitude in the midst of it. Learn to do things without grumbling or complaining. Someone is watching you.

6. Find Joy

The Kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17). Sometimes joy means finding humor in your circumstances, regardless of the awfulness of it. Sometimes it means letting Him fill you with his indescribable joy that passes all understanding. It’s OK. People don’t need to understand. They will be attracted to you nonetheless.

7. Be Thankful

Being thankful for what we do have is the best recipe for growth. Jesus gave thanks for the 5 loaves and 2 fish and as He broke the bread and the disciples started distributing, it multiplied. There was more left over than with what they began.

By Ralph Veenstra