There is a part of the Christian walk that has become increasingly unpopular to talk about and that is the call to holiness. We live in a world filled with confusion where we are constantly trying to decipher what is right and good from what is not. God’s plan for fighting evil is that our lives would be laid down so he can lift them up as a standard (Isaiah 59:11). But what does this actually look like and how can we build our life to be that of a standard bearer?

There are nonnegotiable truths that are built on keys from scripture about how to live a life pleasing to God. These are clear and require simple obedience. The challenge is found in navigating the hundred situations and opinions we face in our everyday lives when we’re not really sure what God is asking or requiring of us.

In this regard my life can often feel like google maps. I think I’m taking the right road, I followed what I understood God’s voice to be saying and all of a sudden the map is ‘rerouting’. Things aren’t going the way I expected and nothing seems to be in line with what God said. Religion tells me that there is no room for error, but relationship says he will guide my steps regardless of where I wander.

Instead of beating myself up in these moments, wishing I could hear him better, I am quick to stop and listen again for his voice. Sometimes he strengthens me to keep moving forward. Other times he shows me where I went wrong and I do a U turn. He does not condemn me. He champions me on, always loving, always kind, always able to lead me back to peace.

Living a holy life is learning to discern what God is asking of us and courageously obeying regardless of the cost. This ability to discern takes practice and will require a large portion of grace for our rerouting moments. God requires us to be to holy for he is holy (1 Peter 1:16). He would not ask something of us that he is not willing to empower us to fulfill. He wants to be the voice navigating us through the confusion, uncertainty and division.

The beauty of discerning his voice is that he knows exactly what to do in our lives to get us to where we need to be. What God requires of you will not be what he asks of your neighbour, it is uniquely for you. He knows your destination and he will use everything, even the rerouting, to get you there on time.

Let’s set our hearts to please him. Being ever ready to listen, fearless to discern, generous with grace and quick to obey. Friend, he will take your laid down life, your seemingly small choices made in obedience to his voice, and with them he will raise you up as a standard for all to see.

By Lisa Clarke