I stood in a small country church hall, the polished worn wooden floor boards under my feet, the crisp white painted walls reflecting the dim glow of ageing lights, and the musky smell that lingers in the air from years of people being in this space. My team had gathered to have a meeting, and yet as we began to discuss matters and to pray, other people began to congregate, and the room was filling fast.

Abandoning our team meeting, my mentor Ben Armstrong began to lead the impromptu gathering. I took a moment and slipped out into the dark cool night air. When I returned I slipped into the back of the meeting inconspicuously and stood as Ben taught. Suddenly a door to the side of me flung open and a strong rushing wind blew in. The wind took my feet from underneath me and I found myself lying on the floor on my back. Unable to move with my hands by my side I began to move across the floor from side to side and up and down against my will. It seemed as though I was experiencing something from the exorcist, something demonic, and yet I was at peace.

These events had drawn a crowd, and the meeting had been disrupted. As people looked on, Ben made his way through the crowd towards me. As he approached, I noticed his eyes were completely black, and as he went to speak he vomited over me instead. This happened three times, and on the third occasion his eyes cleared and I was released from my incapacity. Standing to my feet, a human like person that had the appearance of a deformed tumour type mass began to approach me. I knew it was a demon, and without hesitation I drop kicked it across the room and proceeded to jump up and down destroying it completely.

As I walked with Ben out of the church into the sunshine, he turned and said to me, ‘don’t go looking for the demonic, you’ll come across them as you go’. I woke. Yet in that moment my room was full with the Presence of God, and an angel stood at the end of my bed. I was flooded with peace and joy. This moment was not just a dream but an experience.

So often we assume dreams are a combination of what we ate last night, or the movie we were watching or that thing we’ve been worrying about. But dreams are more than that . . . they are letters from your heart, letters from God, and experiences that can change our lives.

This dream had a huge impact on my life. God rewrote my past and brought me into healing and deliverance through this experience. He redefined what was Him in the supernatural and what was the demonic. He healed where leadership had ‘vomited’ on me and restored discernment of the supernatural to me. The Presence of God and the angel in my room showed me that what I experienced in my dream was of a greater reality than just my subconscious processing. These events in a redeemed manner then took place several months later, and having received the healing I had experienced in the dream, the fullness of what had occurred was affirmed to me.

Dreams are beautiful letters from the Father’s heart, and from the unexpressed words of our hearts, they are experiences that can transform, heal and change your life. Let dreams become a part of your life, and see what He can do.

By Mary Allen