So much of my younger life was filled with experiences of going into different places and coming out feeling unsettled and sometimes downright crazy. It wasn’t until years later that the Lord started speaking to me about atmospheres and matter and how he created me to interact with them. In the perfect world God created in Eden, he commanded Adam and Eve to rule over it. (Genesis 1:28) He was showing me how we, as His children were to do that same, but how? With love, with faith, with prayer? The answer was “yes” to all three.

I knew the Bible said that if we tell a mountain to throw itself into the sea it will do it, but that was so grandiose that it had no relevance to my everyday life.  While reading Annette Capps’ little booklet “Quantum Faith,” I learned that Quantum Physics had discovered in looking at an atom that the electron orbiting it exists only in a wave-like state until the scientist looks at it.  Once they looked through the microscope, it became a solid dot. I know?! How does the atom know someone is looking at it?

Now Matthew 21:21 made more sense. That mountain Jesus was talking about is matter and I was created to affect it. So, if my words can wake up atoms and move mountains, then my voice has to be made up of matter as well.  “Faith is the substance . . . ” (Hebrews 11:1), so when released, my words create an atmosphere. (Prayer)

As God was teaching me that I encounter at least three things when I enter a place: people, the physical realm (matter) and the spiritual atmosphere.  I had lived so many years victimized by my surroundings. And now Jesus was showing me that all that “stuff” I was picking up around me was actually my gift of discernment in action.  So, for the past 10 years he has been teaching me how to use this discernment to shift things for His glory.

The first shift I saw was back in 2008 when I had this tug in my gut that I was to do something significant. The Lord reminded me that He had already told me it was our local skatepark. So, friends of mine and I went three times, walked around the park asking the Lord what the open doors to the enemy were. As we perceive things, we would release forgiveness and then prophesy what we heard Holy Spirit wanted over the park. At the end of our last time there some friends greeted us, we blessed them and they were able to share the gospel with about 15 kids.  The fun thing was that afterwards a pastor approached them and marveled at the way the kids listened to them.  He told them that he had been coming to that park for 8 years and not once had he been able to share about Jesus with them.

Discernment partnered with prayer and prophecy shifts things!

By Jill Talbot