Dreams really do come true! I know that sounds cliché, but I have experienced it for myself! As prophetic people, we are wired to naturally see and dream things that often others don’t see. I can strategize and dream and believe with people until the cows come home. However, to do it for myself has been a process! Anyone resonate? So, I want to share my story and how God restored the ability to dream for myself again.

Recently we were given 30 days to find a new rental, as our current house was sold unexpectedly. It wasn’t even on the market. I was busy complaining to God that we had to move again and He gently but firmly slapped me up the back of my head and said, ‘You have not because you ask not.’ OK! He had my attention. I obediently wrote out a list of what I wanted in a home. This is something I don’t usually do in prayer.

But make a list I did and I asked Him because that’s what He said to do! . . . and to be honest, I didn’t really expect much from it. Twenty-four hours later, I received a text from a realtor I did not know asking if I had found a rental yet to move into, and could I send her a ‘list’ of what I wanted . . . mmm . . . 2 hours later she sent through 2 houses she thought might suit. One I immediately was interested in. We went to see the house, immediately falling in love with it.

After praying about it, we decided to put in an offer of a $20,000 down payment with an option to buy after renting for 12 months. Being internationals, we were not quite ready to buy a house – as much as we wished we could! The fun faith thing? We didn’t have $20,000 spare cash, but I felt the whisper of the Holy Spirit say, ‘Step out and watch what I can do.’ So, I did!

I’d like to tell you that I stood strong in my faith and never wavered . . . but that would be a lie. Within hours of putting in our offer I came under a huge heavy blanket of fear. You name it, I thought it! What have we done? What if we can’t pay it? How can we pay it? Was it really the right house? Did I really hear God? What if we lose the house?

Thankfully, I did have enough sense to reach out to a couple of close friends and asked them to pray. And God in His faithfulness answered yet again! A close friend gave me a word, that only a close friend could give. ‘STOP being like Lot’s wife. If you continue to look back, it will stop you from moving forward into the dreams He has for you.’ Bam! Another slap up the back of the head! God began to show me that I was living from a place of fear (from past experiences) and not from a place of faith. He took me back to a memory 10 years previously, where I had ‘shut down my dreamer’ in an effort to move forward and survive. I was beginning to realize that this particular journey was not just about buying a house.

The following day, we received a phone call from some friends who asked us to come to their home as they wanted to talk to us about something. After 10 minutes of small talk, they proceeded to tell us that wanted to lend us interest free $45,000 towards the house. We were blown away! But not just from the monetary gift, but also by the fact that we had people in our lives who so loved us and believed in us that they were actually willing to ‘put their money where their mouth was.’ After many tears and thanks and grateful prayers we went home.

Next day we heard back from the realtor that the owners had received another offer and they weren’t interested in a rent/buy agreement. My faith didn’t waver! I knew God was in this! I again rallied a few faithful friends to pray and see what God was going to do! I was sharing with one particular friend what was happening and she exclaimed, ‘I don’t know why we didn’t think of this before. We’ll cosign the entire loan with you!’ I nearly dropped my phone! Again, after more tears and grateful thanks . . . within 3 hours we had made an official offer, signed documents and went into a 30-day contract to buy the house!

I’m sitting here now in our own home and we feel so BLESSED! God is so faithful, and so good! He far exceeded our wildest expectations and in the process He reignited my ability to dream for myself again! We know this is just another leg of this great faith adventure we are on and as someone said to us recently: ‘It’s time to put our faith pants on and keep moving forward.’

By Kim Beaumont