I find people often asking themselves, “Am I prophetic?” after they are introduced into the power of hearing God’s voice or they see someone operating in the gift of prophecy. If you are one of those, I have great news for you.

Somewhere, a couple was discussing about their financial struggles and how the Lord would come through for them. It was quite late at night and the stress of the situation was not giving permission for them to rest. Their little child woke up and came to them with an extraordinary message. Interrupting the conversation, she said, “The Lord says to you not to become desperate but to wait.” Going back to bed, she left her parents in awe of the word of the Lord and His intentionality for their situation. God came through and their hope was once again restored. The little child was only 3 years old.

That little girl grew up in the midst of revival when people were being caught up in visions, being baptized in the Holy Spirit and babies were receiving powerful words from the Lord. Amidst these experiences, the word “Prophet” was being thrown around a lot to those who had dreams, visions and whoever gave a prophetic word. “She must be a prophet!” they told my mom as I shared my experiences. I never fully comprehended what they meant with this, so I just went with it.

I understand not everyone got to be brought up in revival but here’s the good news: you don’t have to be in revival to be prophetic! Even though I had my “prophetic identity” spoken over me, I had to go through my own process with the Lord because that is what prophetic means: to know God’s heart and voice, and to learn how to listen and actually pay attention.

It wasn’t until I paid attention that I started discovering the frequency of His voice all around me, not only where others told me it was, but because I myself with Him, unveiled it all. As I intentionally looked for Him, the more I found Him and the more I found Him, the more I trusted Him. Dreams became messages, sounds became melodies, and pictures in my head and thoughts became continuous points of conversation with Him. The truth is that the prophetic is all an invitation to get closer to His heart and to know His nature.

I think many times we put on ourselves certain conditions to be prophetic. “If I had more dreams then . . .  If I was a better person . . . If I had the time to . . . ” The truth is that His voice can be heard, tasted, thought of, seen, felt and even imagined (yes, He loves to work with your imagination). Trust that He is speaking and that you can hear Him.

You’re made just like Him, designed to carry His nature and built to hear His voice. If a child can prophesy, so can you!

By Salo Rivera