We have an amazing Father who finds great delight in speaking to His sons and daughters. John 10:27 says, “My sheep hear my voice.” He is always speaking, but He has many languages. As we grow in intimacy with Him, we grow in our capacity to recognize and hear His voice.

Dreams are a profound and powerful language of God. If we learn to steward our dreams and take time to process them with Him, He can speak to us in deep and intimate ways. Both for ourselves and for others.

Many times in life, the Lord has spoken to me and ministered to me through dreams. He has also used dreams to lead me into intercession for others and given me prophetic words for people. God’s intentionality and kindness in how and when He speaks always blows me away.

Recently, I had a dream about a ministry leader I stayed with on a oversees missions trip a few years ago. We deeply enjoyed our time together but in the busyness of life hadn’t spoken in over two years. In the dream, the Lord was giving her ministry an estate to house women during a season of deep healing as these women were coming out of hardship. The dream had very specific details in it regarding the property that was being given and the women who would stay there.

As I woke from the dream, I began asking the Lord what He wanted me to know about it, what He was saying and how I could partner with Him regarding it. As I sat with Him to process the dream, I could feel His heart for the ministry leader, His great delight in her and her team, and His gratitude for all they were doing to love on women. After praying through the dream, I felt prompted to contact her.

I reached out to her, told her about the dream and gave her a prophetic word the Lord was impressing upon my heart. She immediately responded with great joy. Just that morning, halfway around the world, she had received the same prophetic word from someone else. The dream was God’s exclamation point on what He was saying and His response to her prayer request of a larger place to house women they are ministering to. He was saying, “I see you, I hear you, I am with you and I will provide.”

I didn’t know she had been praying for a large ministry property, but God did. He was eager to speak to her and confirm His voice. The Lord used the dream and prophetic words to bring encouragement and affirmation.

When we approach dreams as a language of God, the Lord can speak to us in unique and intentional ways for ourselves and others. Dreams offer a sweet invitation from the Lord for us to grow in intimacy with Him, deepening our capacity to hear His voice and to partner with Him in what He is saying and doing.

By Erika Jay