March 2019

Watchman, Do You Bring Good News?

. . . Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain. Psalm 127:1 Some people have a “watchman” anointing. That is, God reveals thing to them in the spiritual realm. The question is, “What do... Continue Reading →

Interpret Dreams in Their Context

One of the tendencies many of us have is to jump to conclusions, especially when it comes to dreams. Sometimes the dream is so obvious that the conclusion is warranted. For example, I have a dream with a snake in... Continue Reading →

Dreaming with God

I have been a dreamer since I was a little girl except at the time I didn’t really know or understand how valuable dreams were. I didn’t know that God sometimes used dreams to speak to us or to reveal... Continue Reading →

Dreams Cloak around God’s Heart

We all dream. Christians, muslims, buddhists, atheists, children, adults, men and women. Many of these dreams contain information and mysteries that we can’t immediately comprehend but, why do we have them? Are they trying to tell us something? I believe... Continue Reading →

Prophetic Essentials

Welcome to Prophetic Essentials. Would you like  to take courses in the prophetic but you are far removed from Redding? Your opportunity is finally here! Check out this exciting video by Ben Armstrong, our Prophetic Ministry Director, to learn more. For... Continue Reading →

Dreams are Encounters

One of the most important things I have learned about dreams is when I heard Ben Armstrong say that “Dreams are not a second-class God encounter.” That was such and encouragement for me because I’ve had dreams all my life... Continue Reading →

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