Welcome to Prophetic Essentials. Would you like  to take courses in the prophetic but you are far removed from Redding? Your opportunity is finally here!

Check out this exciting video by Ben Armstrong, our Prophetic Ministry Director, to learn more.

For more information about our online platform visit ecourses.bethelprophetic.com. All the instructions you need to sign up are found on the How to Get Started page.

What we teach here at Bethel Church and in our Supernatural School of Ministry (BSSM) is now offered online! You will have access to all our courses, seminars, and other material that our prophetic ministry department makes available. Future plans include courses taught in our 2nd year of BSSM: Advanced Prophetic, Advanced Dream Interpretation, and Prophetic Intercession. Material will be released as it is available.

Features included:

  • Courses to introduce you and help you grow in areas such as the prophetic and dream interpretation
  • Tools for building prophetic community and stewarding encounters
  • Encouragement in your daily walk with the Lord
  • Video player that remembers where you left off
  • Mobile app (Go.Learn) that allows you to download content to watch offline at your convenience. (Use the app after you have purchased and registered)
  • The URL for the mobile app is the same as the platform: https://ecourses.bethelprophetic.com

Please note that while using your mobile app, you cannot purchase your annual subscription directly in your app. In order to purchase, access your learning platform via desktop.

Our subscription is most like a Netflix subscription in that you will have access to all of our courses, and any new courses offered, as long as you subscribe. When you no longer subscribe, you will not be able to access the courses.

If you have any problems signing up and purchasing, please contact us via email: contact@bethelprophetic.com

We are excited about how this will extend our ability to serve you! We hope that you will take advantage of what we have to offer you. We believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised with all of the benefits coming your way! Currently, our primary offering is an Annual Plan (but we are anticipating other options a bit down the road)! Stay tuned for more details coming!