How do you find your prophetic voice? We like to say that the prophetic looks like you. This means that you don’t have to look like someone else. While there may be basic dos and don’ts, we can be ourselves. When you find your prophetic voice, you will be operating out of whom God has created you to be.

All of the prophets in the Old Testament were different. While we think they all operated similarly by calling people to repentance, the truth is that each of them embodied this message in a different way. Elijah called a contest on Mt. Carmel. Jeremiah is known as the weeping prophet. Ezekiel laid on his side for 430 days. The list can go on.

How do you find your prophetic voice? You practice. You grow. You learn. You practice some more. There is no shortcut for the process.

We want to help you find your prophetic voice. Everyone can prophesy. Everyone can learn. Everyone can grow.

We have developed a number of online resources to help you in your prophetic journey. If you want to grow in your prophetic gifting and are not in a place where you find a prophetic community to help you along the way, we have some resources that may help you. Go to to learn more. You can access all of our courses for one year for the price of $149. This also includes any new courses that we release along the way while you are still subscribing.

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Let us help you find your prophetic voice.

By Ralph Veenstra