We are excited to announce that monthly subscriptions for our online courses are now available. For those of you who would like to subscribe to Prophetic Essentials but don’t want to commit to an annual subscription of $149, you can now subscribe on a monthly basis for only $14.99!

For only $14.99 a month you get access to all of our current courses as well as any additional ones that will be released in the future during the time that you are subscription is active.

Current course selection includes:

  • Foundations in the Prophetic
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Dream Life School of Interpretation (2018 & 2019)
  • Advanced Dream Interpretation
  • Creating Prophetic Community
  • Stewarding Encounters
  • Prophetic Video Chats
  • Prophetic Fitness
  • Prophetic Community Nights
  • Daily Devotional

Courses scheduled for release in the near future:

  • Advanced Prophetic 1
  • Advanced Prophetic 2
  • Prophetic Intercession
  • Creating Prophetic Community 2019

For all the details, go to ecourses.bethelprophetic.com and follow all the instructions on the How to Get Started tab to purchase. Monthly subscriptions will automatically renew on your credit card unless you choose to terminate after one month or after any month.

Please note that currently you can only see the catalog and purchase from your computer/desktop, not through your mobile device.

The mobile app which you are forced to download on your mobile device exists to enhance your learning. This will be expanded in the near future.