Graham Cooke speaks of a place in the spirit that you can hide. It is literally found in plain sight, but the enemy cannot see you. I have found this place, and I long for others to find it too. I have come to understand a way to partner with the Holy Spirit, Jesus and the Father while hiding within them.

My pursuit of prayer and intercession began many years ago. I was a college student and I got a hold of a little unassuming book by Brother Lawrence entitled The Practice of the Presence of God. I was captured by this man who knew how to hang out with God while he washed dishes in a monastery. He was an uneducated and unassuming man who had originally been tormented by fear. But then he found his hiding place. He began to practice being with God, and God met him in his practicing.

I thought that was a great idea, so sometimes I would put a chair next to me or a 2nd cup on the table, and I would just use my imagination to practice Jesus sitting with me. I would talk to Him out loud like I would talk to anyone else. It was a good starting place. I expected Him to be in the car when I was driving. I would ask Him questions, like, “How was your day?” or “What are You thinking about?” or “Do You have any jokes?” Then I would expect Him to respond, just like anyone else would. I can tell you that I didn’t always hear or sense anything, but it seemed to me that He liked it. I would chatter on about my day, and what I did, and what I thought was particularly funny. I would thank Him for hanging out with me, and I began to expect some kind of interaction with God.

I found this game helpful. It was less official and intense than really solemn prayers. I have definitely come to God with a reverent posture and dialogue as well, but I was learning, and He met me where I was at. It’s not difficult. But you must be childlike and willing to be less dignified. My four-year-old granddaughter can do it. One day she and I had a tea party and she said, “Let’s set a place for Jesus.” The three of us had a wonderful time, and Jesus was glad to let her have His cookie.

Yesterday, I wanted to help a Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry student encounter Jesus. The student was at the altar during 2nd year worship and I could sense the Holy Spirit longing to bring him in to a greater revelation. He had positioned himself to encounter God, he was asking for it, but he just didn’t know how to receive. You must receive as a child. Practice imagining Him with you while you do the dishes, practice drinking living water, have a tea party. He will meet you. It is within the meeting, that you pray.

More to come.

By Valerie Callahan