Have you ever heard the “secret place” discussed and wondered “Where is it?” Is it a café downtown? We are supposed to meet God in our secret place, but I am finding that few actually know where it is.

In the last blog, I discussed the need to become childlike in your heart posture. This is an enormous key to the awareness of dwelling with God. He actually modeled it first. Jesus came as a baby! One third of the Trinity came as a child. If you really want to grow in your intercession, study children. They pretend and imagine all the time. If I imagine with my grandson that I am a car driver, I end up acting it out. I make the noises and movements of a car driver. I kind of become a car driver in the moment, and it is fun. Intercession is a lot like that. I practice engaging with God on a lot of things. I have literally danced on maps with the expectation that the Holy Spirit was dancing on a particular place. I have handed out rocks that drip with prayer. I expected them to be like delivery chips of His anointing. I have written a big X on a piece of paper and declared as I stood on it that “X marks the spot! God will put me exactly where He wants me.” These are moments of prophetic intercession. I am prophetically declaring what I am praying.

But I just changed from talking about imagining Jesus to imagining the Holy Spirit. He is actually the One who now gives us access to the spiritual realm. He is our Helper and our Guide. He is so wonderful. He partners with our imagination and He reveals to us the reality that what we practice and proclaim can actually be true. Sometimes I imagine a garden with a bench. Whenever I sit on this bench in my consecrated imagination, it becomes alive in my spirit. It is one of the many secret places that I meet with God. Jesus meets me there, sometimes Holy Spirit comes, and sometimes The Father comes. But truthfully, I usually meet Papa somewhere else.

God is Three Persons in One. He invites us to find Him! (Jer. 29:13) Ask Him to wash your imagination with His Holy wonder. And take that wonder straight in to the Scriptures. I often tell people that the Scriptures are like a children’s pop-up book. They have dimension and texture, and you can actually go in to them. For example, Psalms 23:5 – I have found myself at His hidden table feasting on His goodness. What a privilege we have! David wrote a poetic Psalm, but in declaring this, he also opened up a place that we can go in the spirit. Scripture is full of doors into the hiding places.

By Valerie Callahan