Pizza dreams, we all have them. A pizza dream is a very real, very freaky dream that you believe actually happened despite its outrageous improbability. The dreams are usually brought about due to eating pizza.

Anxiety dreams, we all have them at different times in our life. You’re running around through your old high school unable to find your locker. Now you’re 43 years old. You still have these dreams.

What does this mean? Pizza dreams can arise from eating (too much) pizza before you go to bed. Anxiety dreams can happen at any time in our lives, but probably more likely if we’re already stressed about something. Maybe we already know that we’re anxious about something. Maybe the dream is a window into our soul, if we’re not aware of the dis-ease in our life.

But what about dreams when God is trying to tell us something? How do we distinguish it from a pizza dream or a soul-based dream?

It’s possible that there’s something very unusual about the dream that makes it stand out. You know you couldn’t have come up with it on your own. It grabs your mind. You can’t shake it. You might not know what it means, but somehow you know it’s important. Maybe God is trying to speak to you through your dreams.

There were 7 fat cows that were eaten up by 7 lean cows. There were 7 plump ears of wheat that were eaten up by 7 lean ears. Pharaoh knew that it meant something. After all, the same motif was in both dreams. He needed an interpreter. Enter Joseph on the scene. Not only does he give the meaning of the dreams, he also gives the application: store up grain for 7 years during the years of plenty so that there will be enough for the 7 years of famine.

How do we interpret dreams? We learn from people like Joseph and Daniel. We learn from people like Daniel who was wiser than all the magicians who were in Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom. Oh, wait. Daniel is no longer here! However, it is ultimately God who reveals deep and hidden things (Daniel 2:22).

We have the same Holy Spirit that Daniel had. As God reveals the deep and hidden things to us and gives us wisdom and understanding, we too are able to discern the mysteries of dreams.

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By Ralph Veenstra