In my vision I saw a lineup of my son’s friends ready to run a race. And then I heard these words, ‘It’s not those who finish the race first, but those who finish the race well that’s important.’

And as I looked closer to them, I noticed they had scars. Some on their faces, some on the knees. Some open and bleeding, some old and faint. And as they started to run the race some were running, some were walking or limping, but all of them were moving forward.

I heard God say: ‘Life will bring hurts and bruises, but that is not what will stop them.’ I looked closer and it was like I had x-ray vision. I could see inside of them. Some were healthy. Others were diseased and sick. Some had insides that were ravaged and rotting. I could see organs dying. Some hearts were diseased and dark.

And then I heard God say, ‘It’s what is on the inside that counts. It Is what is on the inside that will affect how well they run the race.’

And as I glanced again at the runners, I saw some of them stop and help others when they stumbled. Some slowed down and walked with arms around another to encourage them. Others were running backwards fit and strong, and they were yelling and cheering other runners on.

Then I looked more closely at their faces, like a camera zooming in. I realized these runners were all different races and colors, Different ages as well. Some very old, others very young and everything in between. All different shapes and sizes and all various levels of fitness. Some in wheelchairs, some with walkers. Some even with limbs missing.

But all were heading in the same direction. They had their eyes and their hearts fixed on the finish line! They did not look to the left or the right, although they could hear the cheers from the stands urging them on. The great cloud of witnesses, roaring and yelling and urging them towards the finish line.

‘This is a generation,’ says God, ‘ whom I am raising up! A generation with a heart after Me, and with a heart for one another. A generation who perseveres, pushes through and pursues! A generation where variety is the spice of life. They may look different to one another, and come from different places, experiences, cultures and languages. But they have one thing in common, all have the same heart! Some may be battered and bruised, and their pace a little slower. But they’re all headed in the same direction. Some others may be stronger and fitter, but they are there to pick up, encourage, inspire and assist those who are tired and worn out.

I am calling a generation to arise! A generation who knows who they are. Sons and daughters of the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Sons and daughters who know the inheritance that they carry and the legacy they are called to release! Sons and daughters whose non-negotiables are Kingdom values of love, honor, mercy, grace, humility, integrity, steadfastness, peace, kindness, faithfulness, family, respect and more! Sons and daughters who know their authority and stand in peace. Sons and daughters who know the good fight is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers and rulers of the air.’

‘I am calling a generation to arise,’ I hear again. ‘A generation who will step forward, stand firm, eyes and hearts set as flint towards the finish line. A generation who will finish well!’

My prayer today is that, this generation is standing up and moving forward – no matter what is happening – we are moving toward that finish line together and finish well!

By Kim Beaumont