On the first date with wife of now almost 30 years I knew that I was going to marry her. Did God tell me that? No, I just knew it.

Does that mean God always speaks that clearly about the person we end up marrying? No. In addition, there was a whole lot of time that went into me asking her out, about 6 months.

I won’t bore you with the back story. Just suffice it to say that God isn’t necessarily going to give you a prophetic word about who you should marry.

God is not a genie in a bottle who we can conjure up anytime we want to get an answer to a relationship. Should I marry this person? Is this the one for me? Where am I going to find a spouse?

Too often we assume that if we ask God, He is going to tell us. Sometimes. Sometimes not.

Abraham sent his servant to Nahor in Mesopotamia to find a wife for his son. Although God did not tell the servant who to take, He did answer the servant’s prayer in which he put out the fleece.

Jacob married Rachel because he loved her. Nevertheless, he ended up marrying the older sister first because his uncle Laban tricked him. Not a perfect God-story.

Do I need to go on? If we wait for God to tell us who to date or who to marry we might be waiting a long time.

There are those times when God will give us supernatural guidance when it comes to relationships. It’s wonderful when that happens. This may not be the norm for everyone or for every instance. God trusts us to make good decisions. Sometimes He simply blesses the decisions we make.

Are you waiting on God to tell you who to date? What if He doesn’t tell you? Maybe you should trust that He’s in the process.

By Ralph Veenstra