I was born a communicator. I have always been intrigued to hear different stories, perspectives and experiences. However, my interest was not just in the content of the message, but the entire process – from the sender encoding it, relaying it and finally the receiver decoding it.

I had a great childhood, and count myself extremely blessed for growing up in a family of faith. However, my life experience somehow taught me that God speaking was an exception, not the norm. When He did, it would be relayed in such an extraordinary fashion that it would not let my attention wander. Brilliance stands out from ordinary. What I didn’t know then was that my everyday experience was brilliant. I was unaware of my need for training to recognize God’s messages that had been encoded and relayed to me all along.

When He speaks, it is the creative breath of life released. By His voice all things were made, and hold together. When the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost, the same power that rose Jesus from the dead now lives in us. Christ, the Hope of Glory, is in me. To that degree of Truth, I discovered how my “normal” all these years was actually how I naturally decoded Papa’s messages. I just never knew a message from Him was sent in the first place. This started the wild adventure of decoding His heart throughout my life story, setting a preface for the chapters yet to come.

My journey into the prophetic has been highly relational – rightly so, because the very context of prophecy is our hearts receiving messages from God’s heart. We often talk about love languages. God has His with us too. Just as we grow in knowing how we uniquely give and receive love to one another, we do so with God too.

As I grow deeper in knowing myself, I discover how much more He loves me, knows me and enjoys speaking to me in those ways – through music, movies, books, colour, nature, pictures, conversations, dreams, connecting thoughts (I mistakenly dismissed my mind as having a very random thought life before), feelings, spotting patterns, solving clues . . . the list goes on. As I grow deeper in relationship with His people, He highlights His nature and I become more attuned to the sound of His voice. As I grow deeper in knowing Him, even silence speaks.

My connection with God is intimate, personal, and one-of-a-kind because there’s only one of me through all eternity. Guess what? That’s why He treasures His relationship with you. It could never come into existence until you. Only you can decode the message from His very heart that speaks into yours. You carry and relay His voice the way no one else can. Discover His delight in who you are and your relationships with His people. Discover the delight of who He is and recognize the sweetness of His voice. Watch as the world transforms by the life of His words you release.

By Cailin Choy