“How did you know that?” one woman asked me with excitement and curiosity. We had been ministering to a teenage boy who was struggling with severe emotional, spiritual and physical trauma. He was in a dark place, having tried everything to find healing. I had been invited to pray for him with some women known in our community as incredible prayer warriors. They were loving, bold and fierce. I felt humbled and honored just to join them, but God had much in store for my time with them.

The woman asked me again, “Really, how did you know that?” We had just finished praying for the young man and were thanking Jesus for all He had done. The boy was healed and set free. He was weeping tears of joy and relief and couldn’t wait to tell his parents.

While we were praying for him something happened that was normal for me, but left these seasoned prayer warriors asking questions. When we were praying for the young man, I suddenly knew things about him and his past, details that I couldn’t possibly have known on my own, but things that were key to his healing and freedom. I didn’t just know a few things, I knew a lot.

I was baffled and wondered, doesn’t everyone experience this when they minister to people? I didn’t know how I knew, I just knew. I had never stopped to think about how, no one had asked me before.

This was a common experience for me. I thought it was normal. There was a lot I experienced growing up that I thought was common for all believers. As we debriefed our time that day, something inside of me began to stir. Something that had always been there and was familiar to me, but was awakening at a new level as we talked.

As I answered questions and shared past experiences, I began to recount the many times and ways the Lord had tangibly partnered with me when ministering to people, how He often encountered me in my time alone with Him and how I could see things in the spirit realm. As I shared and watched their faces, I began to realize my history with God might not be as common as I had thought.

Before I knew it, these beautiful women were asking me to teach them what I knew. I didn’t have words for it and didn’t fully understand it myself. How was I going to teach them? I didn’t know where to start.

I called a dear friend and mentor and shared with her what happened. She laughed. “I’ve been waiting for this,” she said. “Waiting for what?” I asked. “Waiting for you to discover just how prophetic you are.” I had read about prophecy in the Bible, but hadn’t ever heard anyone talk about it before.

Over the next few months I dug into resources and studied in depth what scripture has to say about prophecy. I discovered that I could grow in the prophetic, that it was an overflow of intimacy with Him, and that I was called to help others step into it. Over the last 17 years, my passion for the prophetic has only grown. I believe He invites all of us to live in deep intimacy with Him where the prophetic is just an overflow of abiding in His heart and knowing His voice.

By Erika Jay