Picture this: It’s a Sunday morning at church and the worship music is fun and the lyrics are simple. You’ve just done your two fast songs and you feel the Spirit moving. You feel the transition happen as the cymbals fade and the pad from the keys kicks in. Now you know it’s the Holy Spirit. And all of a sudden you hear a shofar blast right behind you breaking the mood and a man with a long beard and a staff shouts out, “And the Lords says to you today” . . . fill in in the blank. And you can feel the pastor being ministered to by angels of patience.

Growing up in the Charismatic/Pentecostal/Non-denominational/Vineyard-ish type church was interesting to say the least. If this wasn’t your experience then you missed out. The prophetic was still something new that everyone was trying to figure out. I tease about the crazy prophetic people but I am thankful that they were forerunners in something that I get to be involved in today without having to have a staff and shofar. These amazing saints were the ones to show me that God really speaks and that I can hear His voice because I’m prophetic too.

This was the beginning my prophetic journey which led me into 3 main areas:

  • Community – The community of believers was huge in my life because I had people giving me prophetic words about being prophetic and having a prophetic calling on my life. I believed them but I also didn’t feel like I heard from the Lord. I would often times do things or say things that people would call prophetic but it just seemed like me having a brilliant thought. But feeling like I didn’t measure up led me to the Scriptures.
  • Scripture – In reading the Scriptures it seems like everyone is hearing from God (I guess that’s why it’s the Scriptures), but they still seemed like they were just special people that God had chosen. Because they were. Buuuut . . . that didn’t mean that I wasn’t. In 1 Cor. 14:5 Paul wishes that all could prophecy even more than he wishes they would speak in tongues. The whole point of Jesus coming was to reconcile us to the Father for relationship. And relationship doesn’t happen without communication.  Also, all of Scripture is to show us the heart of God through the testimony of Christ which is the spirit of prophecy.
  • Experience – The only way to gain experience is to do. For me it comes down to stepping over the chicken line, even when I don’t feel prophetic, and giving the word that is in my heart. I am slowly figuring out what is encouragement and what is prophetic, but the only way to know is to speak it out and get feedback.

So, who is encouraging you? Where do you go to for truth? And are you willing to take a risk?


By Jordan Lehner